Sketchup files won't save or print


I can open and draw i Sketchup, but when attemting to save or print, nothing happens. the “thinking circle” spins until I do a control alt delete to shut down the Sketchup program. I was using version 2016. I download version 2015 to see if that would work better, but same outcome. this computer is under a year old. I did just have it retored by a computer perfessional. Before the restore, sketchup worked fine. Now, not so fine. I use Windows 7 Professional. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Did the person who restored your computer change the graphics card driver? It would be a good idea to see if the driver software is up to date.


What is the save location?


I have tries to save in “my documents” and also the desktop.


@tresselk What graphics card does your system have?


I appologize that I am unfamilar with specs for a graphics card, but here is what I found…
primry adapter:
AMD graphics card
Chipste AMD Radeon™ R6 Graphics

Linked adapter:
AMD graphics card
Chipste AMD Radeon R7 M260DX

I am looking to see if there are updates.


found a suggestion in another location on this site to try disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” helps, if yes the video driver doesn’t fully support OpenGL… which is a system requirement. I unchecked Use Hardware Acceleration and it does work again. So it must be my video driver.


That’s not unusual with AMD Radeon GPUs. Try updating the drivers and see if it works.