SketchUp file to Layout


I’m having troubles sending my SketchUp file to Layout. The Send to Layout is grey but I could open the file in Layout but it is not linked to my SketchUp file so I cannot scale it. Somebody has a solution for this?


Floorplan.layout (789.7 KB)
Floorplan 1.skp (786.6 KB)

Most likely, when the menu item is greyed out, SketchUp is starting from the wrong location ( could be the disc image)
Best to close all apps , drag all SketchUp icons from the dock and try to reinstall it.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says SketchUp Make 17.3.116. You wouldn’t have LayOut with that version.

That was before, now I’m using the Pro version.

Please correct your profile to what you are using now.

Thank you. That worked! But now I still have the problem that my Layout it not linked and I cannot scale. See picture

Thanks in advance.

You have to select the viewport you want to set the scale for.

Thank you!

Or open LO and insert the model. Actually it is a better process.