Layout problems linking with sketchup file

KITCHEN DOORS.skp (794.1 KB)

doors.layout (991.1 KB)

Hi All,
I’m having a bit of a nightmare. I’ve carried on working on a drawing in sketchup (above). When linking with the layout file I kept getting crashes and problems. I now can save the layout file without it flagging the issue in the picture? All the layout frames have the yellow warning triangle in the bottom corner. I’m trying to relink the layout file to the sketchup file manually but this doesnt seem to do anything to help.
The update for sketchup recently didnt seem to take either and kept propting me to update every time I went to use sketchup. Is it a problem with creating some geometry in an earlier version??
Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 14.03.03

pretty sure it has to do with your folder’s name.


like the message says, try without punctuation marks. come softwares don’t like them and layout is actually quite old in its core, it might not like the :

see if renaming the folder DOORS and WINDOWS fixes it.

The yellow triangle means that what you see in layout isn’t the lastest version of the sketchup file. le viewports need to be updated (right click on it and update the model reference)

The error message does seem to be pretty clear that it’s due to the punctuation in the file name.

Hi Yeah that seems easy to me to but I try to change (its just crashed again!!) and it wont seem to allow the change (see picture)

Its really annoying just wasted another half hour creating another document from scratch. Every time I try to reset the layout document to update it it crashes.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you really using? Your profile isn’t clear. There is no SketchUp Free 2021.

I relinked the .skp file in your LO file to the .skp file you provided. I’ll save it to the right version for you and upload it.

BTW, there’s plenty of unused stuff to purge from the .skp file.
Screenshot - 7_31_2023 , 8_35_06 AM

It would probably be useful to look up a list of disallowed characters in folder and file names so you can avoid this issue in the future.

OK many thanks for your help. I thought I was using my Sketchup Pro licence with the latest version which when I checked was up to date as was Layout?

I wasn’t aware I’d used any disallowed characters in any folder names? I’ll double check that.

You may be using the latest version but your forum profile doesn’t indicate that. If you are please correct it.

To be on the safe side I’ve saved it as a 2022 LO file in case you aren’t using SketchUp 2023.

doors dr.layout (1.6 MB)

Right click on one of the viewports and choose Open with SketchUp. Then use File>Save as… to save the SketchUp file into an appropriately named folder. After that, go into LayOut and File>Document Setup>References. Select the SketchUp file and choose Relink. navigate to where you just saved the model file, select it, and choose Open. You should be all set after that.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not saving this with any punctuation marks etc, it keeps throwing that message at me even though I’m trying to save it as DOORS.

When I try to update the file keeps crashing and I have to then use the ‘recovered’ file which is where it stops me saving it under another name. Sorry a bit confusing…

The file name may not have any punctuation but from your first screen shot the folder has a colon in its name.

Yes you are totally right I’m sorry I flew over that detail. I will now go and hang my head in shame. Thanks for your help :roll_eyes:

Nah. Just go through your folders and remove colons and other punctuation before they cause you more problems. And update your forum profile before you go.

Happy to help. Glad it was a fairly simple fix.

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