Sketchup file in funny format and not showing turning circle templates

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I prepared this site plan when I first began using sketchup late last year and must have experimented with scenes. I am now needing to add in HRV turning templates to the site plan but when I insert them it only shows a few red lines (not the entirity of the turning circle).

Does anyone know why this may be the case?

I have attached the sketchup file and a scrn shot.
Proposed Development.skp (2.4 MB)

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I’m no expert at working with .dwg’s but was curious so took a look at your model. Noticed Z Flashing around the red lines. Raised the component with the red lines on blue axis. When I orbited around and looked from underneath saw there is a lot of white lines that are almost impossible to see when viewed from the top. You have some white lines and red lines occupying the same space that is causing the Z flashing.
You can erase what geometry you don’t need and recolor any white lines red if that’s what you want. I think the screen shots may make more sense then my explanation.

I moved the two nested components for clarity in the screen shots.

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Thought I’d point out a few more things. There are a lot of close “double lines” in the drawing. Highlighted a few of the areas with red circles. Don’t know if they are intentional but if you plan on using this to create a 3D model of the site they could cause problems. Also saw you have a number of “drain” components stacked on top of each other… seems a little unusual.

Hi Tuna - thanks for your comments. I’m not entirely sure why I stacked the components. It was my first project so that might explain the issues with my model.

I tried exploding the whole group and coloring red, seemed to work, not sure why there might of been z fighting as there didn’t seem to be any surfaces in the HRV turns?

anyway, here is file i ended up with if it helps.

Proposed Development2.skp (2.6 MB)

Didn’t mention exploding because I had no idea what DraftySam really needed to keep out of all the geometry in the parent component. Z fighting might not be the exact term to use ? There was the “flashing” occurring when orbiting and it was in the areas where white edges and red edges where sharing the same space or extremely close. First time I’ve seen that particular thing.
No apologies needed about the model. Imported .dwg’s can bring a whole lot of unwanted stuff along with them.