Rendered nonsense from Sketchup wrong angle

Hi all!

Please could You advice me guys, in Sketch up I see normal model But when rendered, it screwed i(Some parts rotated)up like this: image .
Renders in Indigo, but probably does not matter.

Do You have any idea guys what ■■■■ is that??

Cheers, Lenka

Can you share the .skp file?

Is your issue with rotation of the parts themselves, or of the textures painted on them?

Thaanks Dave! Foodular16.3…skp (2.8 MB)

Thanks a lot!:slight_smile: With some whole components, groups.

Is this what it is supposed to look like?

It looks like a small greenhouse tipped up on its back. You’ve got a mess of geometry with some ungrouped, some grouped. There’s at least one group with the material applied to it instead of the faces inside.

There are exposed back faces that shouldn’t be exposed.

Looks like it needs a bunch of repair work before it’s ready for rendering.

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Ohh…thanks a lot, Dave…would You say this is the case of wrong - turned rendering and would You just tell me to go through Tutorials from beginning?:slight_smile: OK, I can agree on these all. Grateful for advices, cheers!

PS: Yes, it supposed to look like this, I was drawing such way - on turned plane, then planned to turn to x/y plane.
I agree it1s not most organized way, anyway does not make sense why scene looks differen geometry when rendered:-O

I would tell you that you drew your model in the wrong orientation. Your location snapshot and the horizon in the background should have been obvious clues.

I would also tell you that you should learn the basics about proper modeling–following tutorials would be a good idea.

I was going to redraw your model to try to show you how it ought to be but it’s got so many problems, I don’t know where to start. It would be a good idea if you you set the model units and precision appropriately for what you are modeling.

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Ohh…probably faster to start from 0 even…OK, I will do that. And to learn the basics from tutorial first. Thanks a lot!:slight_smile:

Yes. I wouldn’t even try to fix your model. If I had all of the proper dimensions for it, I would delete your model and start over. I probably wouldn’t bother with the location snap shot either. I think it would just get in the way.

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Thank You a lot for Your great helpfullness!!