Sketchup failed to open document! PLEASE HELP ASAP!


I recently got a new computer and downloaded sketchup 2023 (last computer I used 2022). My file opened on my new computer the first few times but now when I go to open the file it gives me an error that says “failed to open document”

I have tried to open both .skp and .skb files and it says the same thing. @colin @DaveR i have seen that you were able to recover other people’s file. Do you mind helping me as soon as you can? It is a school project.

Here is the link to the file: STEELCASE - 1126 - people and lighting.skp.skp - Google Drive

Thank you in advance!

I tried opening it but with no luck. I compressed it into a zp file. The zip file is about 70% smaller than the .skp file. It shouldn’t compress by more than about 5-8%. This implies to me that your file contains mostly zeroes. Can you share the .skb copy of the file?

Where have you been saving and working on the file?

Why is youf file so huge? What are you modeling that requires that?

Here is the .skb file: STEELCASE - 1126 - people and lighting.skb - Google Drive

Yea it’s a pretty big file. I’m an architecture student and we’re modeling an interior design firm for a competition.

I would save it onto a USB drive since I would have to work on it at home and at the computers at school.

That’s probably where the problem comes from. It wouldn’t be the first tie we’ve seen issues with huge files saved to USB or other external drives. The general advice is to save the file on an internal drive and only copy it to the external drive when you need to take it elsewhere.

I’ll try opening your .skb file. It looks more promising so far.

The file is sluggish but it opened for me.

I see incorrect tag usage in the file. Untagged should always be left active. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should be given tags.

Screenshot - 12_4_2023 , 12_32_09 PM

There are a lot of objects in this file but even so, you’re hoarding a lot of unused stuff.
Screenshot - 12_4_2023 , 12_33_52 PM

I see some excessively large texture images as well as duplicates and some textures that could be replaced with simple colors. You have lots of hi-poly entourage in your model, too.

Purging the unused stuff in your file reduced the file size by about 58%. The link to it is below. I edited the style to show the faces without textures to help your GPU cope. IT’s still an excessively large file for what it is. You should do more to clean up the file. And do not save the file directly to a USB drive to work on it.

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Thank you so much for all your help and for replying so quickly!

I was able to open the file, but now everything is in black and white. Is there a way to fix this?

As I wrote, I changed the face style to not show materials. You can edit the style to set the Face Style to Shaded with Texture to get the materials to display.

@genfajardoo : Read @DaveR 's last message again more carefully and you will understand…
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