Sketchup export OBJ and MTL doesn’t render properly

Sketchup export OBJ and MTL doesn’t render properly on platforms like and

We’ve been using Sketchfab for about a decade now, but since takeover by Epic issues are accumulating and support is, well… non-existent, really. So we’ve been looking at alternatives, like the above mentioned platforms.

Problem is, they don’t work with native .skp so we export to .obj with the corresponding .mtl and upload those. The model gets rendered, but the textures only partially. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you solve it?

And how does the partially incorrect texture look? What exactly is incorrect about it?
How does the skp model look in the monochrome style?
How did you apply the materials to the model?

How do you load the models in Sketchfab? What are the problems with Sketchfab?

This image what it looks like in Sketchup

This next one is what the exported OBJ lookslike

You have to try to answer the questions, because you are the only one who has the models and should knows the answers to them.

‘Monochrome’ style, not ‘Shaded with Textures’

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Here’s monochrome

I’ll look into the other questions asap. I’m not the designer, so delays may be involved.

As for the issues at Sketchfab, not really relevant, but here’s the story: A bunch of our models have been marked ‘disabled’. Also, we have zero upload credits left. We are told to upgrade to the “Pro” plan, but that is nonsense, because we have a “Premium” plan. We’ve been using Sketchfab for over a decade with no issues, and suddenly this. Support is not forthcoming, so I’m looking into alternative platforms. Those, however, don’t support the native .skp format, hence we are trying to get .obj + .mtl to work.
We upload to Sketchfab with their plugin.

It is logical that problems arise with the exported model because a lot of faces are incorrectly oriented, they should all be with the ‘front face’ visible (white outwards) and with the ‘back face’ to the inside.

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OK, this wasn’t even the problem. Sorry for wasting your time.
Exporting to OBJ we get the geometry file, the texture assignations and a folder with the actual textures. We missed uploading the last. :man_facepalming:
Again: my apologies