SketchUp Error - Cannot open without it asking me to submit an error report

I have not used sketchup on my laptop for about three and a half months then returned to find that my application would not open. I can still use the web version because my subscription recently auto renewed on the fourth of this may. I have read through some other posts to see if maybe it was my graphics card settings or something. I have tried adding sketchup to my graphics card through the NVIDIA Control Panel application.

Any suggestions?

So you are getting a Bug Splat when you start SketchUp 2021? Are you sending the bug splat report in with something that identifies that it came from you? If so, someone like @colin could look it up and see what the message says. In the meantime, go to the Nvidia site and get their latest drivers for your graphics card and install them. Then get the latest SketchUp installer from Right click on it and choose Run as administrator from the context menu. If you are asked, choose Repair. Then do a cold reboot of your computer and try opening SketchUp again.

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