Sketchup does not make faces

Hello i tryed software called sculprits. i exported file in obj and then import to sketchup. Now i have that problem sketchup dont make surfaces but only lines. When i close triagnles manually it works but is any way how to make all ?

Import it at a much larger scale.


SketchUp was really designed to work on objects ranging in size from about the size of a chair to the size of a city. Given the way CAD systems handle precision in floating point math, there is always a ‘sweet spot’ in the system. Unfortunately, your model is outside of SketchUp’s.

What extension did you use to import your model in the *.obj format? SketchUp does not support this format in its base configuration. I couldn’t quickly find a list of alternate export options for you in the Sculptris documentation, but you may have better luck working with one of the import formats that we officially support.

Box’s suggestion is a good one- Import larger, then scale down. That will solve a variety of problems in one simple operation.


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If the triangles are large enough for manual face creation this plugin might be useful to automate it: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

The others are right that the most likely cause is that the file contains triangles whose vertices are closer together than SketchUp’s small edge tolerance. When that happens, SketchUp deletes one or more of the edges, which causes any associated face to disappear. In a model that was originally a triangular mesh (such as yours) this will typically leave behind a larger single triangle where two smaller ones were implicitly merged by taking out their separating edge. It may be possible to close a face for this larger triangle, but the importer doesn’t do so automatically.

As noted, the simplest solution is to import at a larger scale and then scale down afterward. Scaling does not provoke SketchUp to check for too-close vertices, so the geometry will survive reduction to its correct size.

Thank you guys it was just a scale. Thanks for help again !