SketchUp didn't work on Remote Computer. How to resolve it?

Hello. I have remote GPU server with excellent configuration and GTX 1080 with 8Gb videocard.
It is working on Windows 10.
I have installed Sketchup 2018. And it is not working. It says it need hardware acceleration on video card.
I’ working with a lot of graphical software on this server, including Lumion.
Looks like only Sketchup didn’t see GTX 1080.
How to resolve it?

From the Hardware requirements.

I once got it to work some years back, but only by manually opening SU before connecting remotely. Don’t know if that would even work these days.

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This may be useful.

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I have successfully tested SketchUp with a Citrix-based virtual desktop system that had a graphics system based on the Nvidia Grid technology.