Cannot Open Sketchup Over RDP Anymore

I currently have a user that is unable to open Sketch Up over RDP. I will attach the error message.

This error used to not appear, he states he could open Sketch Up prior to upgrading to 2019. It can be run by opening it prior to initiating a RDP connection as well. I have read Sketch Up does not support RDP, however, it is strange that this was fully working then all the sudden wasn’t. He is using a GTX 1080 TI, which I believe is the reason for this issue. All our other cards are Quadros which have no issues.

Does anyone know of any special configurations to get this working again? I have played around with local policies to attempt to force RDP to use the CPU for graphics, but had no luck. I also read somewhere the these cards do not support 3D accelerated graphics over RDP. So I’m guessing since it was working before, that Sketch Up changed something in an update which requires this?

Is the Nvidia driver up to date?
Which version of SketchUp did your user upgrade to v.2019 from? If it was older than v.2017 the OpenGL requirements have changed from 2.0 to 3.0. As SketchUp works on the desktop or when opened prior to connecting to it via RDP, I would guess that the problem lies with the RDP software that you are using. It could well be that it is only supporting OpenGL 2.0 with the GTX card, if other users are running SketchUp 2019 remotely without problems with Quadro cards.
From v. 2017 on, too, SketchUp no longer supports software OpenGL rendering.

Driver is up to date. Upgraded from 2018. After further research I believe you are correct. It seems Microsoft RDP does not play well with OpenGL with the GeForce line up. The card may not support OpenGL over RDP, contacted Nvidia for verification.

SketchUp has never ‘officially’ supported Remote Desktop Access. Some RDT applications do work though. I’ve had luck with Splashtop.

It is about time Trimble have a look at this issue urgently.
We are lockdown due to COVID-19 and everybody around the world is
working from home now.
I don’t understand that graphic cards is not supported etc.
I can run Lumion 9.5 and Twinmotion in RDP. Why not Sketchup?


You must choose a RDP software that supports OpenGL.

Thanks for the info Anssi, hopefully our system support can help me on this one.
Keep Safe and Keep distance.

Hi all, we understand the urgency of the situation and we are actively looking for a solution to help you all. Be safe and stay healthy!

in the meanwhile you may want try if AnyDesk ($) does the trick.

btw, use the unsecure RDP via a VPN only.

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The SketchUp team is working on a blog post that will provide guidance on using SketchUp when working remotely. In terms of why this is happening to SketchUp and not Lumion or Twinmotion, Anssi made it clear. Lumion and Twinmotion are both based on DirectX whereas SketchUp is based on OpenGL. See also this stackoverflow post on why OpenGL and WindowsRemote don’t play well together:

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Any additional support or information? Just wondering if that blog post is still being created?

My guess is that the blogpost will cover the aforementioned thread in a SketchUp style and understandable language, not that they changed from OpenGL to directX.

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