RDP and sketchup 2020

I have a Dell Inspiron 3950 with a nvidia GT 730 in it. i am attempted to Remote Desktop into the computer via VPN and RDP. However I receive a error when running sketchup 2020 on RDP that hardware acceleration is not enabled. Am I understanding correctly that Sketchup 2020 only supports RDP on quadro graphics cards? If I upgrade my graphics card to a quadro would I be able to run Sketchup 2020 via RDP?

It is not the best graphic card, but should work if all drivers are up-to-date and SketchUp running locally
The error probably comes for the RDP software, that most likely supports DirectX better then OpenGL.

Alas, RDP is not supported.
There are ‘tricks’ if you need it, though. check this thread: