Sketchup Crashing When Exporting PDF (ISO + Hidden Line)

Trying to do an axon of my project. The file is about 25MB, tried to make it smaller by deleting a bunch of stuff and can get it down to about 8MB, but sketchup keeps crashing. Can’t quite make it much smaller, its a large project. I have the hidden line setting on. It exports JPGs just fine, but crashes when doing PDFs or DWGs. Basically any vector stuff.

Any thoughts of how to fix this?

Can you share the file?

Sure, I’ll attach it here. It’s pretty messy though, as this file was just a test to see how much I may have to delete to export.

test export.skp (8.1 MB)

Haven’t looked at the file.

Are you on the Free Plan 2022 version as your profile says or are you on a 2023 version ?

I could export it, my OCT forced me to fix a bit your file, It´s lighter cause a lot of groups hadn’t been edited yet so I converted them to components
test export.skp (3.9 MB)
test export.pdf (959.0 KB)

Awesome, thank you! Just tried exporting it myself and it was a breeze.

What did you do exactly? It looks like you’ve just organized things into groups a bit better? And what exactly did you change to components?

I’ll try and do the same thing to the larger model with context. If that doesn’t work I can just use a file like this and export the context separately.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says “Free Plan” 2022. There is no such thing. Are you using SketchUp Free which is web based? Or SketchUp Pro?

Part of you problem is that your model is located more than a statute mile from the origin.

You should keep your model close to the origin.

I also note incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created AND remain untagged.
Screenshot - 11_24_2023 , 4_05_09 PM

First I moved closer to the origin, like Dave said it was very far from it, then I used the clean up3 plugin to delete every unnecessary geometry in the model and the plugin default tag geometry to move to untagged all the edges and faces. You had a lot of surfaces, mostly the windows, facing the wrong direction, most of them were groups that hadn’t been edited so there were a lot of instances of them, I converted to components using the plugin selection toys, so when I edited one of them all the instances were affected, I made the same with all the groups that could be converted into components. You had on the wall of the parking levels a lot of elements that I made solids beside making them components, then fixed the walls and made some groups so you can have solid elements.

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