Sketchup Crashes When I Start ENSCAPE

Hello All

Has anyone experienced this issue.

When I try to start ENSCAPE on Sketchup, it loads to about 5% and then crashes the program.
How can I get around this. What is going wrong.

Apart from that everything else is okay. I can model build, copy, paste and so on. But when I start the ENSCAPE program it just crashes.

Have you contacted the Enscape people about it?

Did it work before?
According your profile, there isn’t much to go on since Enscape needs a dedicated graphic card to work.

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I run sketchup through Parallels on my MAC. The Graphics card is a Radeon Pro 460 4 GB.

What type of graphics card do I need for it ?

The only way to run Enscape is with bootcamp, to my knowledge. And not with the Bootcamp drivers for the graphic card, but the ‘real ones’ from AMD.
It involves some hacking.

Did it work before?