Enscape crashing Sketchup

Hi Y’all! I’m not sure what the deal is but escape will not load pass 5% without crashing the entire program.

Enscape relies on the graphic card enormously, and can be very choosy about which it will work with. Your AMD may be the issue, or it may be that running MAC ParallelAMD isn’t letting the card do the work required.

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I am running the programs on Windows, if that helps any. Is there a way to figure out if that is the issue? or anything I can do to rectify that? My graphics card in full is: AMD Raedon Pro 5300M 4 GB, Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB. I previously used Enscape on Revit with no problem.

Why does your profile indicate Mac?

Do you know for a fact that your AMD GPU is set to be used by SketchUp instead of the integrated Intel GPU? Are the AMD graphics drivers up to date? Don’t trust Windows to tell you correctly. Get the latest drivers from AMD and install them.

Because I have a MAC with Parallels. Im running the programs on the windows partition.

Wasn’t really sure how else to specify that.

Technically you are still running a Mac and I know nothing about the devil machines.
But as I mentioned, running windows using parallels may not be good enough for the graphic card to do its work.

My computer was boot camped before and thats how I used revit and escape. I really hope parallels isn’t the issue. that would be terrible, thanks for the help.

I just realized the Enscape Assest Library will open…so it cant be entirely unusable. So confused.

You might get more useful info asking on an enscape forum, but be sure to specify your mac/windows/graphic setup.

Great, thanks.

Here’s a snip from their system requirements, it mentions bootcamp but not parallels.

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Thats looking to be the issue, thank you so much!

You might want to be updated:

I am not a Mac user but I understand that Parallels runs a sort of Windows emulator under the MacOS, with a reduced feature set, especially without OpenGL required by SketchUp, while Bootcamp starts your Mac as a full-featured Windows computer.

Not true. Parallels has supported an adequate version of OpenGL to run SketchUp for some time now. Parallels Windows is, of course, a virtual machine so there is a small performance hit compared to bootcamp or a windows box, but it runs well enough for me to test my extensions on both OS.

Enscape is pretty demanding for videocards, even my 2015 MacBook won’t run it on bootcamp because bootcamp ships with drivers that are written by Apple and can’t be updated the normal way, I needed to hack it…

I had problems with models crashing and found out it was when Enscape and FlexTools were both enabled. The two extensions are apparently not compatible, so who knows if there are other extensions causing the crash with Enscape. It took a painstakingly long time to disable and reenable extensions to figure this out, but thankfully the folks at FlexTools were very helpful and responsive. I have received no help on this from Enscape.

Just mentioning this in case this is potentially causing your crashing issues. I have used Enscape on a laptop that could barely handle the rendering, but even on that machine it never crashed when loading.

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