SketchUp crashes when exporting 2D graphic


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HP lists either Intel HD graphics or some Nvidia Quadro options for your graphics card. In the latter case, installing he latest compatible driver from the Nvidia website might help. With Intel HD graphics (integrated into your CPU) the driver history cannot be described as rosy. Going to Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL, unchecking “Hardware acceleration” and restarting SketchUp prior to exporing might be your only option.



Thank you Anssi
I disabled the hardware acceleration as suggested by you and others and it worked, which was a relief.
I believe I also have an issue with elements of my model casting and receiving shadows but as I have finished the model now and there are hundreds of little groups of plants, trees, etc I would have to start all over and pay attention to that…I will do so in my next one (she says :slight_smile: )
I will try the Nvidia drivers to see if they do anything, the Intel website and the computer itself say that the drivers are up-to-date though.
Somebody (I can’t find the thread now) has pointed out this is not the right place to ask for support, sorry about that, I am still very confused navigating about this forum (not saying that the forum structure is confusing, just that i need a bit more time to get my head around it)
You are a really helpful and kind bunch of people, I hope I can help others in the future, take care, alex


Alexandra, your DX Diagnostic screenshot showed you have Integrated Intel HD 4600 Graphics.

No NVidia Grpahic card is present, so do not attempt to install NVidia drivers unless you are sure you have a NVidia card installed.