Sketchup Crashes when exporting 2D graphic to PDF and EPS

Sketchup Pro 17 crashes EVERYTIME I have tried to export 2D graphic to PDF or EPS and I haven’t found any recent topics . My model is 2D and very simple I’ve tried changing the faces view to shaded and that does not work either.
I am admittedly a newcomer and VERY frustrated so thanks in advance for you help.

Can you share an example file, so we can see if the problem is in the model, or with your installation of SketchUp?

Use the 7th icon from the left above where you write your post: image

  • does it crash even with a new and simple model?
  • any plugins installed?
  • macOS system update recently launched?

in your PDF/EPS Export Options try Match View for the size…


And it has no effect on the export. The EPS/PDF exporter built into SketchUp Pro is a vector graphics only exporter, so it doesn’t export textures, shadows or other raster graphic effects - plain lines text and flat fills for faces only.

Have you submitted the crash Bugsplat reports?

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