SketchUp crashes. Please help

Hi All,
my plugin is almost ready, but sometimes (up to 50%) leads to total crashing of Sketchup.
I have bug report files. I need help from SketchUp developer.

Can you provide what OS, SketchUp version? And you submitted BugSplat reports? Did you enter any info, name etc we can use to look up the crash report.

Windows 8/8.1. Sketchup Make 2014

Yes. And i have copies of submitted files.

Sometimes. From I can make more

The reports indicate that the crash happen on Left Mouse Down event when SketchUp checks if the VCB should be enabled by querying enable_VCB?. However, the trace disappear into Ruby land and I can pin point it
I see some other crash reports with similar stack. Could you provide a sample code snippet that reproduce this? PM me if there is code you don’t want to share publicly.