Sketchup crashes every few minutes!


I can’t use Sketchup 2017 for more than a few minutes before It stops working
please help :sweat:


What graphics card? Your profile says “2017” which is useless info.


It’s Nvidia geforce 940mx with 4gb dedicated vram


guys, please help!:cry:


A notebook, then.

  • If you already haven’t, update your Nvidia driver
  • Open the 3D application settings panel in the Nvidia control panel and check that SketchUp is set to use your Nvidia card (automatic selection uses your built-in crappy Intel graphics chip instead).



Can you elaborate “stops working”? Does it freeze, crash or something else?

By default SketchUp autosaves every 5 minutes and for really large models on really week computers this can take a remarkable time. However it shouldn’t be noticeable on small models. If you work on a file saved on a network drive it may be though.


If you get the opportunity to submit a Bugsplat crash report, do so and then let me know what name you put on the report. I can look it up to see if you’re having a graphics card issue or something else.



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