Sketchup 2018 crashing while working in model

I could be doing anything in my model and every few minutes sketchup crashes. I got this computer to run all the programs I need for school and was told this computer would work for sketchup. I’ve tried copying the model to a new file, thinking it maybe corrupt, but it still crashes. I’ve tried lowering the autosave time, thinking that might help, but it hasn’t and I am tired of losing all my progress and having to redo it. I don’t have any pluggins downloaded that I know of. I really want to find the issue, PLEASE help.

Check SketchUp recognizes your GPU -

Window>preferences>OpenGL>graphics card details

Im not sure where I find this setting

It’s where GSTUDIOS told you.

In the SketchUp program, “Window” is at the top of the screen. Follow the trail from there…

It shows it is using the Geforce card

Please list details of your computer hardware.

Also, do you have latest drivers installed for your GPU’s?

Windows 10 asus model GL553VE.
Intel Core i7-7700HQ cpu @ 2.80GHz.
32.0 GB installed RAM
64-bit operating system.

All my drivers are up to date

What do you mean by Crashes, does it bugsplatt, does it just close, does it freeze?

By lowering do you mean shortening, and if so does it ‘Crash’ sooner?
Have you tried turning autosave off completely?

Do you know they are because you have updated them or because you have a new computer and mistakenly believe they come with all new drivers?

the program closes, i rarely ever get the bug splat, sometimes i get the windows blue screen where my computer restarts. I think i started with it saving every 5 minutes and changed it to every 20 minutes and that hasn’t helped or changed anything. I just updated the drivers a couple days ago and there hasn’t been any more updates. and the update hasn’t changed the fact that sketchup closes.

Getting a blue screen (possibly a WIN or hardware issue) may at least give you more information in the event viewer - do you know how to check the WIN event viewer for system and or application errors (start>right click>computer management)?

I made it to the event viewer. there is a lot of different of types of errors. is there a specific one i should look for.

This isn’t the whole list.

Indicates NVIDIA Open GL warnings and errors.

Look at the details for these warnings (there may be links there to fixes online).

Also, search the event viewer under the applications category to see if SketchUp itself is faulting.

The blue screen type of failure is sometimes caused by over clocking hardware - is that possible with your system?