Sketchup crashed, I saved my progress but 4 hours of work is lost and not showing when I open the file now. Please helpppp

Please help me recover the files

You must share the file if you want to receive some help.

The skb file is also showing last saved at 4 hours ago. But I kept saving every 5 mins. When I closed the file, it showed the location doesn’t not allow saving of the file. I had even closed the file and opened it few minutes ago so, I just closed it. Later when I opened it. I lost the whole night’s progress.

Do you have the file on your computer? If so drag it into a new comment, if it’s bigger than 16mb you can use wetransfer, Dropbox, google drive or any other platform you want to share the file.

Perfume Store.skp (811.0 KB)
This is the file, will you be able to recover it???

I’m going to check it, are you using sketchup 2021 as your profile says? We’re you working on the file from an external device or was it storaged in your local storage SSD or HDD?

If I can’t recover it maybe @colin could be able to do something, but don’t have high expectations, sometimes the files get corrupted and full of zeros and there’s nothing to do about it. If I were you I would start all over again as soon as possible.

I saved in on my local storage, not an external device. Okay thank you. When I checked again, sketch up asked me to sign in to my trimble account. But I don’t even know when I was signed out in the first place.

I was able to open it.
Perfume Store.skp (1.3 MB)

I’m able to open the file as well, but I lost 4 hours of progress. Whatever is there on the file right now is the old progress.

Do you have a .skb file?

Yes, but that also is showing the same amount of data. And I’m not able to share .skb file on the comments

Anyways thanks a lot for your help. I don’t think I’ll be able to recover it. I’ll just need to start over again

check you haven’t accidently hidden or moved something – turn on all hidden items and zoom extents…

you an just rename you SKB file extension to SKP and give it a distinctive name

How did you save, manually hitting Ctrl and S or via the icon is not the same as the Autosave setting in Preferences.

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