SketchUp Crash with LG Display

I am using Sketchup Pro 2020 on a Mac Book Pro and am using the LG 34BK95U-W 5K Display. Every time I detach my laptop to work on my laptop only and especially when I connect the Display again SketchUp Crashes. This happens regardless if I use SketchUp on my Laptop while it is not attached or not.
Is someone else having the same problem? I worked on a different LG Display before and that never happened.

Thanks for your help

Inga, try to delete your plist file.
I found troubles with the plist file in combination with switching between different monitor setups

Look at the following post where to find the plist file:

There is a nice trick you can do on a Mac. Select the next line of text, right-click, and choose Services/Show in Finder. That will take you to the folder, with the file selected (ready to delete):


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