SketchUp Closing immediately after open

I do not know what’s the problem with my SketchUp. I uploaded my working file from my PC to Google Drive so that I can transfer it to my laptop and edit on it while I’m away from home. When I started to use the file on my PC again, suddenly my SketchUp keeps closing when I open it. I’ve tried using other SKP and SKB files and its still not working. I tried to reinstall my SketchUp, my drivers, troubleshoot the drivers of my GPU and check if its OpenGL friendly and it’s still no use. Do you guys have any recommendations what can I do? I am frustrated as the deadline are days away and I am still barely done with my model.

Hi, have you had a recent Windows upgrade on your PC? You stated a move of files to Google Drive for use by your laptop, can you open them on the laptop? Does opening Sketchup only show the welcome screen? If so, try opening a template or file. Does it crash?