Crashing immediately

“If it crashes as soon as it is opened, it can be converted to other format software (such as DWG, obj…)” i read itsomewhere and what it means? i use only sketchup make 2017 at home, but my friend has sketchup 2020 (but he is not sketchup artist, he uses blender mostly) when i need to test it in render i send file to him for quick testing (he has good machine, my pc is old and need time) but yesterday he said that skp is closing immediately and has not idea why.
anyone can give me (us) any suggestion?

Add the .SKP file to your post. A big waste of time guessing . Seeing the file is the best way to answer the questio.

sketchup is closing, for all models, it is closing just if i open empty template… it is closing anyway, model is not reasson

Find the SketchUp installer, right-click on it and select “run as administrator”. When the installer opens, select the “Repair” option. Check that your display driver is up to date (download and install the latest from the site of the chipset manufacturer).

Do you remember if SketchUp had crashed during an editing session recently? If so, I wonder if SketchUp is trying to automatically re-open that same SKP mode file upon restart, and encountering some problem with that model?

did not help

no, it worked well, when we try to open sketchup, it opens the normal window at first i mean window where you can choose recently opened models or just empty template. anyway what you choose, it is closing

i found the resson but dont know how to fix it. when i install Twilight render pro version sketchup dont works, when i uninstall it, or install just free hobby version, sketchup works. i think there would be windows system problem, deleted file or corrupted file. how can i solve this problem?

Thatg may be a question to be answered by the Twilight support staff.