SketchUp Closing after selecting model template

Sketup 2024 installed.
Created one model, saved file.
When existing program error message/crash reported.
Next time when opening SketchUp 2024, program closes after selecting type of model or selecting recent file. Unable to work on a model.

Uninstalled and reinstalled 2024 - no changes.
Sketchup 2023 now doing same problem - opens the project, I can select template or previous model, then the program closes without any warnings or windows popping up.

And you are running under Windows 12 Pro beta ?

Did you right-click the installer and choose “Run as administrator” ?

Thank you for your reply.
Running Windows 11 Pro
I did install as Administrator on reinstall. Everything worked fine yesterday. Today when I try to open after shutting down computer over night I have the same issue - it opens to the Welcome Screen, same whether I select a template or existing file, new window opens like the program is starting up but then closes after a few seconds. It did the same whether I tried 2023 or 2024 versions.

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With SketchUp closed, navigate to:
%LocalAppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2024/SketchUp

… and rename the PrivatePreferences.json file to say PrivatePreferences_backup.json.

Then try starting SketchUp 2024. It will recreate the json file with factory defaults.

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Same problem here since 1. May 2024 - And I didnt start an Update on 2024.

As a freelancer I use a I9 with RTX3080 and many Plugins. Also a I7 with RTX3070. Both computers with Win 10 Pro / SkP 2023 Pro.

When I SKP start as an admin or in compatible win 8 mode it works good incl. all plugins.

I think windows or SKP Update in background do this :frowning:

Hope some people can help.

Open a support ticket with SketchUp Customer Support or your reseller if you are outside the U.S.