Sketch Up Closing after open model or click create new model

Could someone help me ? my sketchup only open on startup but suddenly close after i click create new model or open model. I’m using Sketchup 2021

It could be many reasons. E.g.

  • Did the Sketchup worked properly before? Or it is a new installation of Sketchup?
    Try to download the latest installer of SketchUp Pro 2021. Right click on the downloaded installer file Chose Run as administrator and when prompted choose Repair.
  • Did you get a Windows update recently?
    Sometimes it is ruining up the graphic card driver. Go to Nvidia site download and update your graphic card driver to latest one.
  • Are you using Windows 11 Insider (developer) builds? There are many reports in the forum it is causing a problem.
    Roll back to earlier version or use official builds.