Can't open sketchup 2024 :( helppp

Hello all, im using sketchup 2023 and decided to upgrade it into 2024 version, at first it works well, until i shut down my computer, go to sleep and start again the 2024 version

it only until this window appeared

after this, i can’t open any files. when i clicked it just exit the application
my graphic card is fine, im using i-14700kf with 4070 super.should be more than enough
is it possible because of firewall or something? or the settings?
thank you

and i already uninstall and install it again all over again, but the result is the same

i tried the trial version and the same result come out, its not the installer issue

I am experiencing intermittent crashes of SketchUp 2024 without bugsplats which I have notified the SketchUp team about.

Are you trying to open existing files and experiencing the crashes?

Is SketchUp crashing when you try to open a default template?

After a crash or two or three – when a crash does occur – SketchUp will open for me.

I encountered the same problem, but thanks to the sketchup file which is in the user temp
(windows key + r) type in the run “%temp%”
I saw that it was stopping on the load of an extension (ProfileBuilder 4) I renamed the file DM_ProfileBuilder4.rb which is in the extension directory “%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2024\SketchUp\Plugins” and sketchup has become completely stable, even with the small 100 other extensions :slight_smile:

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so i uninstall with third party app (im using iobit uninstaller) then i reinstall my sketchup,
it normal again
thanks to lexxar! simple way and solved thank you thank you thank you!!!

Great! Now please correct your forum profile. You aren’t using the “Free Plan”.