SketchUp cannot start due to a license error

I have a problem when I start SketchUp 2019 (perpetual license). It shows only “SketchUp cannot start due to a license error” and a forced exit program. I have tried to delete the SketchUp.lic file, folder SketchUp, Uninstall reinstall, Create New User of windows but it’s not working. Try to copy and paste from another computer. But the other version is working normally. How can I fix this issue of SketchUp? Please kindly advise me, please.

What other version? Are you trying to run SketchUp simultaneously on two computers with the same license number? Are you trying to authorize version 2019 with the license number of an older or newer version?

I have downloaded and install SketchUp 2020 and 2018 It’s can run SketchUp on this PC. But in the version of 2019 of SN: UA it’s cannot start a SketchUp to Activation

I have downloaded Sketchup 2019 for both 2 computers, It’s can run normally but only this PC can’t open SketchUp.

If the software is open in one computer, it cannot be opened in another at the same time with the same classic license number.

We had that error for over a year, and it was fixed in 2020.2.

Is there a reason you need to be using 2019?

Cause they have purchased as perpetual license and they had an end of m&s date

Is this again the one you can correct by editing the default Internet connection checking URL in a preferences file?

No, this one was unfixable.

Can I request to downgrade the version from SketchUp 2019 to SketchUp 2018 to use the license?

Can I get your email to talk about the problem issue and send information about the customer license to you?

I sent you a message asking a couple of questions.

I should say that in all the time that the problem existed, we could never make one of our computers show the problem. Even replicating someone’s setup didn’t help. If you used your 2019 license on any other computer it would most likely work.

If I ask the customer to install new windows on their PC, It’s Would-be helpful?

I hadn’t realized it wasn’t you. I’m not sure if an update or reinstall of Windows would help. Can you answer the questions in the message I sent? There may be other options, depending on their situation.