Sketchup Bugsplat start up Error


We have Sketchup Pro 2019 installed in our company and for all the other users it had no issue to open the new sketch or files but I got one of this user below specs of computer having issue with opening anything on sketchup ( Files/Sample/New Files)

Window version 2004 ( OS Build 19041.388)
Nvdia graphic card p2000 to most up-to-date version of driver ( 06/21/2021)
Intel(r) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70GHZ

Every time, we tried to open any project or new project cre

ation, it just crashes giving the bug splat error and it doesn’t tell any detail information of what is the cause of error.

We tried to re-install after deleting the registry to clean uninstall but still the issue persist.

You should send the report and paste the report detail here and perhaps @colin may have a look at it