Bugsplat when trying to open a file

I have a 160MB file I was working on a bout a week ago.
Now when I try to open it I just get a bugsplat.
I have tried opening on Laptop and desktop computers and both do the same thing?

Can anyone help or advise?
Thank you

Are you sending the Bug Splat reports in with some identifying info like e-mail address? Maybe @colin can look at them and see what the culprit might be.

Commonly Bug Splats on startup are related to graphics problems. Check to see if your Nvidia graphics card is still set to handle SketchUp. Right click on a blank part of your desktop and open the Nvidia control panel. Then look under Manage 3D Settings and Program Settings to ensure Trimble SketchUp is listed there. You could also go to the Nvidia site to get the latest drivers and install them.

I checked, and didn’t find any submitted butgsplats with Gemma’s details.

Hi DaveR,

Thank you for replying so quickly.
I have checked the graphics cards on both computers, all ok and no updates needed.

@colin I have just submitted the bugsplat.

Really appreciate the help.

I have submitted the bugsplat


I see that now. I’ll check with colleagues for ideas, but I notice that the error is common enough with other applications. Running the installer and doing a repair would be worth a try while I try to get more information.