Bugsplat sketchup pro 2022

Hello everyone, currently when opening a work file from my Sketchup Pro I get a BUGSPLAT error, and it won’t let me open the file, what can I do to solve it? since Sketchup I use it daily. Greetings and thanks.

You can try importing rather than opening and see if that works. Failing that, you can share the file here to see if anyone else can open it.

Hello, thanks for your response, the problem is not with the file, that is, when trying to create a new model, or open one that has already been worked on, I get the bugsplat error, I cannot open or create any file and I do not know how to solve this problem .

Commonly BugSplats on startup are due to bad graphics drivers. Go to the graphics card manufacturer’s site and get the latest drivers to install. Reboot the computer after installing the new drivers and see if that helps.

Also, if you are using two monitors, try running with one monitor.

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