Sketchup BUG SPLAT when close



I have a MAC. Usually I have several BUG SPLAT when I do something strange (and sometimes something normal).

But this BUG SPLAT is terrible. Everytime I open Sketchup the last archives are opened. I can work with them. But sometimes doesn’t save the changes. The problem is always at the same point: when I close a file, then BUG SPLAT.

I have proved with this:

  • Move all the files so sketchup can’t localize. In this case I can open sketchup with the default template. I can work. Save. Close. And no problem.
  • The same. And open the file crashed. I can work. Sometimes save. Close and BUG SPLAT.
  • Reinstall Sketchup Pro 2017 without any extension. The same problem.
  • Erase Layout files that uses the sketchup model. The same problem.

any idea???

thanks a lot


Have you been submitting the BugSplats to Trimble with identifying information such as your email so that they can get back to you? It is also good to include a link to this topic in the BugSplat report so that the developers can share here what they find to be the cause.

This seems like a valuable diagnostic. Where are these files located? If they are on a networked drive or file sharing service such as dropbox, that could be part of the problem - SketchUp is known to have strange issues with files on such locations. How large and complex are these files? Maybe there is a problem with specific contents of one or more of the files.

Just checking: did you clear out your plugins folder before re-installing? It is located at

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Plugins

(note that is your personal Library under your home directory, not the system’s /Library and not a folder within the bundle). The install does not clear or overwrite your Plugins folder, so simply reinstalling will not change the extensions/plugins that load. If you didn’t do this, it is quite possible you have an extension installed that tries to do something when a file is saved, and whatever that is causes the crash. Again, if you have been sending in the BugSplat reports the Trimble team should be able to tell you that is the cause, though they can’t always pin down exactly what extension is the culprit.



I don’t know how but sketchup runs fine again… anyways…

I had sketchup 2016 installed before sketchup 2017. After installing SK 2017 I kept SK 2016 in computer. Now I unistalled sk 2016. Furthermore, after reinstalling sk2017 I think I have use the same folders, because everything was like before (plugins, scrapbooks, templates…)

I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s my first MAC and I do not know it very well…

Yes, I have done… a lot. I usually write some information.

I use iCloud. Maybe that is the problem. Sometimes I think that I left opened the files in a MAC and then I open the files in another mac…

I didn’t do that. Every plugin was ready in the new installation. I have desactivate some of them. And now I don’t want to touch anything more because SK runs fine.

Thanks you very much!


I looked through the BugSplat system and found a lot of crashes with your name on them. Sorry you’ve been having so much difficulty!

There are several different crashes.
The shutdown crashes appear to be related to ruby extensions. SketchUp is trying to close the document and shut down, but there’s a ruby extension that is trying to start some new work. Specifically, the problematic extension is calling “IsTransactionOpen” when it receives the “ComponentInstanceRemoved” notification. I can’t determine which extension is crashing just from the crash report.

One crash a month ago seemed to be the result of a recursive component definition, or perhaps just a very deeply nested component definition.



SketchUp creates the Plugins folder if it does not already exist, but it does not clear out contents if the folder does already exist. As a result, problems due to extensions/plugins will not be affected by reinstalling SketchUp. You have to manually deactivate, move, or otherwise disable them. I understand you reluctance to “not fix it if it isn’t broken”, just wanted you to know.


Hi Marc, I will reactivate the sketchup extension. If I can guess what extension is generating the problem I will write down in the report

Thanks! Now I know how to do a really new instalation :slight_smile:


or perhaps just a very deeply nested component definition.

Marc – this brings up a question I’ve had in my mind for a while: What is the maximum/optimum levels of nesting that you would recommend, so as not to have these type of issues.

Nesting — often several levels deep — is a necessity for proper organization of complex models. But if there is a maximum depth, beyond which SU struggles in some way, I’d like to take that into account.

Also, does deep nesting affect performance as well — or is it only stability that is the issue?


The crash that I saw was 128 levels deep in a component hierarchy. The safe nesting level will depend on several things in the SketchUp source code, which I don’t know well enough to give you an exact number. But we do know that 128 is probably too many!

I know that certain operations are affected by nesting level, although I can’t think of any at the moment. Sometimes people share workflows that include grouping or ungrouping geometry before performing an expensive operation, and then ungrouping or regrouping afterwards.



:open_mouth: Wow!


Wow indeed! When you think about the fact that nesting in a component hierarchy means “part of a part of a part of…” 128 levels deep is staggering! To me it suggests there might be a lot of levels with no content except the next nested group/component?


That was me? I can’t imagine me doing that. I have to design better in sketchup. And look for better files in warehouse… but 128??? :sweat_smile:


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