Recurring Bug Splat nightmare

I’m reaching out to the community in hope that someone will be able to assist me with a serious problem that has occurred with my SketchUp 2019 Pro.

When closing (or even saving) an imported model from 3D Warehouse, I get a bug splat notification. Every time I reopen SketchUp (even after a reboot) this same model reappears. It seems to be stuck on a constant loop of crashing and reopening of the same file and I cannot get rid of the darn thing.

I would be most grateful for advice on how to rectify this concerning issue.

Thank you.

I can’t find a way to make the document reopen to test this, but I read that if you hold down Shift it should stop the previous document from opening.

You would think that deleting the document would solve the problem too.


What a simple fix to problem that was driving me crazy!

Thank you so very much for your advice Colin, it worked a treat. Really appreciated :slight_smile: