SketchUp Blank Screen And Error To Display The Window

I just setting the new Window 10 PRO and I face te problem; Sketch Up cannot display the user interface it is always blank screen and some of bug for the window tabs.

and Geforce app cannot scan for SKP to use high performance display even I force the window display SKP from GTX1050

these are what I’ve done to fix by read all forum the same problem but It still not work.
1.uncheck “Use fast feedback” already
2.Force the Windows to display SKP for GTX1050 GPU already
3.Managed NVIDIA control panel to use High Performnce GPU already
4.Update the latest Geforce Driver 522.25 (12OCT2022) already
and Its still blank and sometime I drag to extends the window, It is error to display the interface.

Help me out please.

Nvidia cards need the Fast Feedback to be turned on.
Is your computer a laptop? Are you using an external monitor? Is it connected through a dock?

Yes, Laptop ACER Aspire VX, no using external monitor, no connect trough a dock. Anssi, NVIDIA cards need to be turned on Fast Feedback? why they always suggest to turn it off?

“They” suggest turning it off for Integrated graphic… but may help toggling it in other occasion (e.g., in your case) as well.

Also, You may can “play” by choosing a different multi-sample anti-aliasing setting… perhaps it helps too.

Where did you get the 2017 installation file from, it may well be corrupt as there are no official downloads available.

I change to 2018 19 too but the same problem.

nothing happens too.

I draged the window right-left and seems can see the interface but no, It’s freezing.

Can you check if SU really using the Nvida card

Some more tips on Windows settings
System>>Display (On the bottom of the page) >> Graphich Setting

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options
Selected Plan: Set to High performance (Or ballanced)

Yes, done every tasks but no, does not work. danggg

Perhaps try to download and install the Studio Driver from Nvidia (reboot your computer after installation):

Official Drivers | NVIDIA


done, but everythings is the same, blank interface BUT I try to change processing GPU to the basic (power saving mode) IT WORKS !!!
So, I think my GTX might have some bug (since I bought this laptop form 2017), I use SKP with very low graphic and very lag. Last week, when I installed the new Window and try to update the GPU driver, I try to check the best performace for the program I used and realize that I have been use SKP from Intel GPU over 5 years. So I need to change my laptop to the new one? or what can I do for this GPU? (I can play GTA V or Overwatch 2 It still great for the 1050 performace.)

It seems then, you are back to use Intel card… :confused:

My home computer is also with GTX1050 (however I updated to W11), I will check if I can find something special, when I back to home…

You are so lovely, BIG thanks for your advices. Regards

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