Blank Screen On Startup

So just yesterday i started sketch up to find i just have a blank screen and unable to interact with the page. The day before it was fine and i was able to see and work on my drawings. When i go to start sketch up on my integrated graphics card the drawings show up and im able to work on the drawings, although it is much slower. I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and all drivers have been updated. Iv gone into the OpenGL and changed the settings in there and still nothing. Any clue to why this is happening? Iv also just downlaoded the 2019 version but the problem persists. I, guessing its something with my graphics card.

Typically this seems to happen after a Windows update has been pushed that includes broken drivers for integrated graphics cards. Those updates also often change the default graphics back to the integrated GPU. You can check to see which graphics processor is being used by going to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and looking at the graphics card details. Also go to the Nvidia control panel and make sure it is set up to display SketchUp.

So on my integrated card sketchup works, on the nvidia card it does not. I just did the sketchup check up and it says the error is that my gforce card has 1mb of graphics card memory

What that’s really telling you is that CheckUp has exposed a bug in the Windows-supplied application that reports the amount of memory your graphics card has. It’s actually not useful information due to this ongoing bug in Windows.

You save the Nvidia drivers are up to date. How do you know that? Is that what Windows says? Or did you go to the Nvidia site and make sure you have the latest drivers installed?

Out of curiosity, when you installed SketchUp on this machine, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator from the context menu? If not or if you’re not sure, quit out of SketchUp and do it now. When presented with the options like Uninstall, choose Repair.

Well i installed the drivers from the GeForce Experince app firstly then i just did it manually from the Nvidia website.
When i installed sketchup 17 on this machine im not sure if i did as admin but 2019 i did. I have tried the repair function on 2019 to no avail. still getting the white screen so cant even login etc

Which version are we talking about here? Your profile indcates 2017 Pro.

Yeah sorry. I have a 2017 license

So after a re boot and a repair of graphics drivers and sketchup, Sketchup seems to be working. Thanks for your help

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Excellent! I was about to go Windows Tech Support on you and tell you to reboot the system. :smiley:

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So i thought we were all fixed but it turns out we arent. when i go to click on the 3D warehouse it comes up with the white screen. it is the same if i click on the extensions toolbar also

Try repairing the installation. Right click on the installer, Run as administrator, and when the options are presented, Repair.