SketchUp Basecamp 2018

I was unable to attend the Basecamp, but I was curious about what might have been learned by anyone who was there.

Question: What was the most interesting (or useful) thing that you learned about SketchUp that you didn’t know before attending Basecamp?


It’s a really hard question. I was mostly there to meet all the people, and in the few sessions I attended I was learning more about how to present than about SketchUp as a software. If I have to say something I learned about SketchUp itself it would be that Ctrl+Shift doesn’t let you deselect on a Mac. I lost one round in the pictionary game due to this :frowning: . I should never had challenged Eric on switching computers!


Gah, so much happened at 3D Basecamp! We’ll be posting photos and videos in the next few weeks, and I think the sessions we recorded will give you a good sense of what kinds of things happened at 3D Basecamp.


How fast the user base is growing! This Basecamp was huge! There were so many people there and so many beginners!

Just tried, it looks like just Shift lets you deselect. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I go back to a PC that I might need to add Ctrl.

On the PC, Shift with Select deselects selected entities. Ctrl+Shift+Select is deselect only.

On the Mac it’s Shift+Option to get Deselect only.

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On PC Shift toggles selection, Ctrl adds and Ctrl+Shift deselects. I would assume Ctrl is merely swapped to Command or something on Mac, but once you are so used to the keys you don’t even know what keys you press, changing them gets very hard!

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Usually for SketchUp modifier keys, if it’s Ctrl on the PC, it’s Option on the Mac.


On the Mac, with the Select Tool active when you click or drag box:

  • with no modifiers, the selection set is changed to contain only the clicked or boxed entity(ies).
  • shift causes the tool to toggle the selected/unselected state of entities, that is, if the entity is in the current selection it is removed and if not it is added.
  • option causes the tool to add to the selection
  • shift+option causes the tool to remove from the selection

So far as I can tell, the command key has no effect.
The control key both selects and causes the right-click context menu to open when you click.

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As a non Mac user I alays mix up options and command.

I learned from @eneroth3 that I should probably be building my own castle in SketchUp. :slight_smile:


I didn’t go to many sessions, maybe only five but I learnt the most just having ad-hoc conversations in the corridor (or the bar).

@Box gif’s alone and his simple tricks will save me countless hours when it comes to making cables.


During lunch, I have learned that if you don’t want companies to spam or call you all the time, you might consider calling your company ‘Evil Empire’…
Most marketeers would hang up the phone immediately, according to one of the owlers😃


If you’re missing 3D Basecamp already, or if you’re feeling FOMO from missing it in the first place, check out @josephkim626’s video recapping the first few days: 2018 3D Basecamp - Part 1, Bootcamp - YouTube


Thanks for sharing @Caroline.

@jimhami42 Will let you know when part 2 is uploaded!


Oh, oh! I learned a really big lesson: Never loose the key fob to a rent-a-car! :open_mouth:

Ok, meeting people was number one and the conversations that came from that.

#2, both seeing incredible work and watching the workflow that others have worked out for themselves. Seeing Nick Sonder and Michael Brightman do their thing is a lot better in person than trying to wade through a book. I’m not saying I will now copy exactly their methods, but now I understand them better.

I’ve struggled with Advanced Camera Tools, but Fat Pencil’s photogrammetry work is incredible, so I know it can be done.

I’ve learned there’s no magic bullet for point clouds; It still takes a brain to interpret it and turn it into a model.

It goes the other way too. I gave a tip to a relative beginner over breakfast one morning, and she found me at breakfast the next day to tell me she tried it out over night and thanked me for the tip. That was nice.


I finally had a chance to watch your video … it was almost like being there. Very nice!

I can’t wait to see the sequel :wink:


And, here is the Sequel :slight_smile: @jimhami42 @Caroline


…and here is @josephkim626 doing his thing interviewing @TheOnlyAaron for that film.

(BTW, shot with an iPad6 and processed in Lightroom. I’m surprised how much exposure I rescued from JPG images)


I’m impressed, too! That wall was bright!