Sketchup automatically adds nested child component to the list

I have a nested dynamic component that I created of a kitchen cabinet. Using the component option window I change the style of the cabinet doors, by hiding the styles (=child dynamic components) that I don’t want to be displayed.
The problem is that after I change the style, SketchUp automatically creates a bunch of new internal components from all the child dynamic components that are supposed to be hidden.
This causes my “In Model” component list to be full of many components that shouldn’t be there.
“Purge unused” does not help to get rid of them, even though they are not used (“select Instances” is unsensetive).
Is there any way to avoid this problem? Is this is a bug? am I’m doing something wrong?
Component window
DC Cabint.skp (591.7 KB)

I use groups instead of components for the internal parts of dynamic components. Others might disagree.

I have to use components in the child layer as well, because there are some parameters that I want to change using the component options window at this level as well. (this is a dynamic component nested in a dynamic component)

normally happens, maybe you could consider a script to delete the hidden unused,

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