SketchUp and LogMeIn


I’m trying to access my SketchUp file through LogMeIn and when I load in, SketchUp starts up fine it’s just the view port to see the 3d model is blank white. I seem to be able to access everything in SketchUp, its’s just I can’t see my 3d Model in the view port. I read that some hardware may have conflicts with the driver LogMeIn employs to display the optimized remote screen video so I have disabled and uninstalled display accelerator LogMeIn employs. After restarting the same issue persists. Just have been looking around Google for a fix but I have yet run into it. Has anyone else run into this issue?


Yes. A search on "Remote Desktop"

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements — SketchUp Help

Unsupported Environments > Remote Desktop Connections
Due to hardware restrictions in shared environments we can’t reliably predict how SketchUp will perform. At this time SketchUp is not supported via a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) on any platform.

From the LogMeIn help pages:

I understand that there is a VMware remote desktop version that has the required OpenGL support. I personally have tested successfully a Citrix/Nvidia Grid-based virtual machine system. But as Geo showed, basically, with these, you are on your own as they are all unsupported.

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