Remote desktop use with SketchUp? (eg Nvida Gamestream)

I’m keen to get a slim notebook computer with a stylus pen, but I also occassionally require a powerful PC to work on large/complex models and renders.

I’m curious if anybody has tried using SketchUp over a LAN using something like NVidia Gamestream? I doubt Sketchup is loaded into the Nvida Shield appstore, but could it be?

I’ve tried Skype (remote desktop) but it’s very laggy even on a wired LAN…


As of now, SketchUp does not support virtual environments. This is one of the reasons for my.sketchup!

I don’t know about that particular system, but I have tested a Nvidia Grid/Citrix - based virtual machine via LAN or through the Internet via VPN. Works with no problems.

The standard remote desktop included in Windows doesn’t support OpenGL. There might be other options.

I used Steam for streaming apps a few times. Works fine for streaming from my desktop (with 1080) to laptop (hd4000). Just install Steam on both machines, enable in-home streaming and add SketchUp to the app list.
Edit; never tried with SketchUp but works ok (not super - just ok) with Unreal Engine / OculusRift.

GRID is the old name for Gamstream so that’s cool, It’s worth me investigating :slight_smile:
People say it’s no good for fast paced action games or fast typing, but Sketchup isn’t either of these.

Good to know RE: OpenGL

Great - thanks -will try this :slight_smile:

I used to use Google Chrome remote desktop, can be laggy for constant work but fine for saving/editing/exporting /rendering etc.

This is expensive but I have had a go at a trade show and its bloody brilliant!!

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