Nvidia openGL RDP patch -its work!

I wanted to share with you (pretty old already) news, - Nvidia has released a patch for the possibility of openGL work in the RDP session


and here is the link to the patch (you need to create an Nvidia account:

it works, tested!) Sketchup (and other 3D applications that were not previously launched due to openGL, now work quietly in the RDP!

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Reactivating this thread.

For me SKP2020 worked with RDP, yet it was completely unusable from a performance standpoint. Just tried the RDP patch, activated OpenGL support, rebooted the machine and SKP2020 works, yet the performance is far from good. It’s sure better than without the but but still hardly in state where I can do serious work with it. For doing a small sketch in a pinch this would be okay but working on full scale models is a slog, it takes a couple of seconds just to switch tools, let alone orbit, pan, zoom or like, work.

Is there anything configuration wise that I’ll have to change in order for this to work properly or is this the way it’s gotta be? Was I expecting too much?

Is there anyone that can maybe give some insights on their experience with RDP?

At work I had an opportunity to use a Citrix/Nvidia based virtual remote desktop system. It had a server somewhere that, I understand, used some quite serious hardware. I could log in remotely, using, for instance, my 3G mobile phone to link my “business” type laptop to the network, and it worked quite fast and reliably. All the processing was done by the VM running in the server hardware so the screen image and UI commands were all that was passed through the network.

So I would say that something is not right in your setup. The performance of the computer shouldn’t be greatly affected by the way you are connecting to it, nor the specs of the client system. There might be something in your connection speed, firewall or the like.