SketchUp and Layout Key Board Shortcuts-Templates not there when upgrading to 2023

Where do I find my keyboard shortcuts that I had been using in 2022 and templates and all that other sort of stuff when I upgraded to 2023? There used to be some folder deep inside of my Mac that I once was able to copy over. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks Ken

??? Huh

If you installed SketchUp 2023 correctly the keyboard shortcuts from SketchUp 2022 should get picked up automatically. Templates for SketchUp and LayOut as well as materials, styles, scrapbooks, etc. do not come over automatically. You can find the ones for 2022 in ~/Library/Application/SketchUp/SketchUp 2022/… and copy them. Then paste in the same location for SketchUp 2023.

FWIW, you can copy extensions this way but best practice is to load fresh versions from their sources, instead.

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Thanks Dave! That’s the folder.