Preserving textures, keyboard shortcuts and settings with a new install


Uggh. I just got a new computer and all my textures and keyboard shortcuts have to be re-made and reset…AGAIN! How do you keep these things in place when you upgrade?



What operating system are you using? Your profile isn’t complete or correct.

Materials, components, and styles can all be copied from the old computer and added into the appropriate file locations on the new one. Keyboard shortcuts may be transferrable. On Windows under Preferences>Shortcuts, you can export the shortcuts and then import them on the other computer.

Mac. High Sierra.

Don’t forget to uninstall your license on the old computer else it may not be accepted for the new one!

Are you remaining on SU 2015? That matters because as of 2017 on Mac you can specify your own folders for many things that you couldn’t do previously. In the future that will help when you upgrade because you can tell a new version to use the same folders as the previous one.

There is no built-in capability to transfer these things to a new computer, but you can copy the appropriate folders and their contents to the new Mac. Unlike on Windows, where settings are kept in the Registry, all of them are kept in ordinary files on the Mac.

Much of your content is in subfolders in

/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp

(where, obviously, you must replace “yourname” with your actual name). Note that Finder hides that Library folder by default. You may have to use Finder->Go->Go To Folder to get there.

The keyboard shortcuts are in file shortcuts.plist. Your custom materials/textures are in the Materials folder.

You can tell SketchUp to save collections of Components anywhere, so you will have to check where you saved them and then copy them to the new installation.

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SUv15 doesn’t support High Sierra and there are known issues, which the latest version of v17 addresses to some extent…

when SUv18 is released, it will extend support for High Sierra as the current mac OS…


Thank you!

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