My 2022 templates not showing up in 2023 version

I downloaded version 2023 and none of the templates I worked so hard on are there. Do I need to take the time to recreate all of them?! Or is there some shortcut to do this?

simply go to the template folder of 2022, copy them, and paste in the template folder of 2023

Installing a new version of SU doesn’t upgrade the older one, it installs next to it. no transfer, clean install.

I don’t have a PC on mi right now, you can find the path to the template folder in the preference panel.

I opened the preference panel in 2023 and my templates arent there, where should i be looking?

Do what @ateliernab told you to do:

Capture d’écran 2023-06-29 à 20.18.23

ok this is the mac version. see the preference panel ? in the “file” section (fichier, in french)

at the bottom, the template folder (modèles in french).

click on the small folder in the right and it’ll open.
copy the content from 2022 to 2023 and voilà.

I dont know where my template is saved

Look in Window>Preferences>Files. On mine it looks like this with the last entry showing where they are saved. Click on the open folder to open that location.

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I found it, but i still dont understand how to get it into sketchup 2023

ok i did it. Now what about my templates in layout?

well this is the preference panel of layout, you see the first one ? it’s the folder with the templates.

it’ works the same way you dit in sketchup.

I dont understand the french

please help me put my 2022 layout templates into layout 2023, step by step, thanks

Yeah, most people don’t. even other french. Personally, I don’t understand the americans. weird bunch.

you open layout 2022. you go to the preferences. on the left side you have choices, you go through ALL of the choices until you find a screen that looks like the one in french I showed you. because even though it won’t be in french or on a mac, it will be the same. trust me.

then, you remember when I wrote this ?

it’s still true, in french or english. when you find the preference panel that looks like mine, but not in french, you will need to look for the folder’s path in the top section. You know, the one that finishes by “Templates”

Here is the path on a french mac. on a non french PC it will be another path.

it will give you the location of the folder your 2022 templates are located. go there copy your templates, do the same in layout 23 and paste them.

Or you could open your template files with layout 23 and save them as template again.

you know,

that’s all I can do. sure, I’m on a mac, in french, but it works the same on a PC in english.
If you need a deeper help and an image by image step by step, I’m afraid it won’t be me. it’s sunday, the cicadas are singing, there is a breeze, I’m going to take a nap before the evening riots. it’s a french thing :wink:


cant find it on my computer

Really this is just basic files management on your computer.

One you get the file location open for your SketchUp templates you can get to the LayOut templates folders in File Explorer. Try this:

Open Preferences>Files.

Click on the folder icon to the right of the Templates path. File Explorer will open to that window.

Go up in the folder tree by clicking on the upward pointing arrow to the left of the path.

This shows you the default folders for Components, Materials, Styles, etc.

Click up again.You’ll see the folder for LayOut.

Double click on the LayOut folder and you’ll find the LayOut Templates folder.

Double click into the Templates folder and you’ll see the Templates.

If you click up the tree enough times you will get to where you can choose folders from other SketchUp versions.
Screenshot - 7_2_2023 , 8_43_01 AM

You can go into the LayOut Templates folder for LO2022, copy the template files, go up the tree and back down into LayOut 2023 and paste them.

I’ve made hidden folders visible on my computer so I can just access the AppData folder from File Explorer without having SketchUp or LayOut open. For copying files like this I use Q-Dir (a freeware file explorer app) that lets you show multiple windows.

Then by digging into the correct folders I can copy from the older version to the newer.

When I need to migrate to a new version I copy the Components, Materials, Stles, and Templates folders from the older version and paste them into the newer version. The same thing can be done for Templates and Scrapbooks in LayOut. Much less back and forth between folders.

Note: Do not copy the Plugins folder between versions unless you enjoy chasing extension load errors. It would be better to install all your extensions fresh from their sources to make sure you have the updated ones and that they are installed correctly.

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thanks i will try this

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