Sketchup 8 vs 14

Due to shortcut keys just not working in Layout I have officially thrown the towel in with SU14 and reverted to SU8. I know lots of other people have reverted for different reasons. Just wanted to add to the stats.

Did you try defining them yourself?

IMO the new features added to SketchUp since version 8 are not very much to write home about, but the performance enhancements in LayOut are tangible.


Any other info on what keyboard shortcuts are not working? I haven’t seen this issue.

I do use a wacom and thus wish I could use shortcuts to navigate when working inside a SU view window, but other than this, other shortcuts?

Thanks Very much for your responses. Heres the link to the conversation I was having with Marc Durant on the old Google forum. Google Product Forums
My shortcut problems are only in LO14 ; yes I assign most shortcuts myself so they correspond with other software I use. I use wacom too but with a keyboard. In particular I could not make any shortcut native or other consisently work for ‘select’ - the most common command. It drove me crazy having to select ‘select’ from the main tool bar, the other was a key for the ‘dropper’ when in the bucket tool, same as above nothing works consistently.
In SU14 sandbox tools don’t work at all (for me) and my bezier spline plugins destabilize the program. Also impossible to set UTC +12 correctly with out adding Geo-location - which often freezes.
For the meantime I am living without infinite Zoom and pattern fills in LO. Revert to SU8 all problems vanish. Cheers P8
FYI I run a MBP retina 2.6ghz X 16GRAM - I don’t thinks its a hardware problem.

Sounds like a little maintenance is in order. Try trashing the SketchUp plists and repairing disk permissions Some tips on setting up your keyboard may be useful

Make sure your OS is up-to-date. For tools to work properly, SU needs OpenGL function calls from the graphics driver. On Mac, that comes from OS updates.

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