SketchUp 3D Models to ESRI ArcPro 2.4

Hello , I am looking to obtain a professional license to construct 3D models. I was wondering if anyone has insight or advice on the following generalized work flow from SketchUp to ESRI ArcPro. I will list the points for simplicity sake.

-Start with importing individual floor plans/building plans from CAD into Sketchup
-Extrude features to the appropriate heights and dimensions
-Texture the exteriors and or interiors with actual images taken in the field

  • Export the 3D model of the building

What would be the best way to export the 3D textured model from SketchUp to then be used in ArcPro?

Does the 3D model retain it’s geolocation (if the CAD data is georeferenced)?

Is the exported 3D model used as a textured multipatch feature in ArcPro?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I find ArcGIS Pro (as well as other editions such as ArcGIS Online, etc.) … is this the target ?

Generally …

… however there are challenges when working with imported CAD geometry, and this has been extensively discussed in this “Pro” category. Enter the category and search for topics with a “CAD” or “DWG” tag or these words as well as “AutoCAD” in the title.

Also, perhaps …

See this article (and subarticles) …

Again, see this article …

… but the export format is likely to be dependent upon the answers you get for these questions …

There is a community forum for ArcGIS developers where the members are likely to better know …


Thank you, I will be sure to check these out!

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