Archicad to Sketchup import by Mac


Hello to everybody.

I did a Project on Archicad and I would like to import on Sketchup by Macbook .

Someone could helps me please?

I tried to save a copy in .skp, but i didn’t find it format on Archicad in IOS system

I thank you in advance for all who can give me advice.


You have listed this question under the sketchup pro category but your user info says you are using sketchup free for the web. Assuming you are using the web version your options are limited. What formats does Archicad export in? Can you put the file into .dwg? You could download the Sketchup Pro “classic” trial (30 day working time) and use it to import a .dwg file then re-save it as .skp which could then be opened on the free web version. Or find a friend with PRO to convert it for you.


Archicad can export directly to the SketchUp model format (from a 3D view!) or you can export to IFC and import that into SketchUp Pro.