Best ways to convert sketchup model to archicad

What is the best way to convert sketchup model to archicad ? We provide man powered conversion service at at a rate 9 eu/hour but maybe there is better way to do it?

Call Archicad and demand they add support for importing .skp files.

Archicad does support .skp files - it is integrated in their Google Earth support. I am not quite sure if the .skp format they support is the latest, though. When you convert objects, the results are sometimes better if you use the .3DS or DWG as an interim format (Archicad, at least version 17, smooths curved surfaces imported from .3DS but not directly from .SKP



Archicad used to have a nice plugin that converted SketchUp geometry to Archicad elements. Here is a video about this integration -

I dont know the status of this plugin but it would be great if it can be resurfaced for the SU community.

Have you tried exporting IFC files from SketchUp and then importing them into Archicad?