SketchUp Archicad interface



Can anyone tell me if an Archicad file be save to some format and imported into SketchUp.


I just had a look at the Archicad site. You can export SKP, DXF, DWG, OBJ, etc. from Archicad and all those can be imported/opened by SketchUp Pro.



Thats Awesome!




You get the best results by saving the Archicad model as a SketchUp file. You must be in a 3D view for it to work. The result tends to be a bit messy, with overlapping objects and sometimes missing faces, but most often quite usable. if you only need a part of your model, the exporter respects selection areas and 3D clipping planes.



What is SKP Viewer 3D?
Can SKP Viewer 3D work the same as SketchUp Pro, where I can import DXF and DWG files then work on it?



The SketchUp Viewer is just that. It’s a viewer. You cannot edit the model nor can you export CAD or other files. You’d need SketchUp Pro.


No. The viewer is just that: a tool to look interactively at an existing SketchUp 3D model. It is not a model builder or editor and cannot import anything.


Thanks, That’s what I thought.



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