Importing files from Solarcad/old archicad files

Hello Everyone! I work with a program called Solarcad which is based archicad 7. When I import dwg or dxf files to SketchUp they come in black and white and have to be edited. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this easier?

add an example dxf and your skp file so we can see the issue…


What exactly are you doing to get from Archicad to SketchUp? Are you exporting 2D drawings or a 3D model? If I remember right, the export options in version 7.0 (it’s about 20 years old!) were somewhat limited, but the basics were the same as in version 23 today: exports from a 3D view result in a 3D model and 2D views produce 2D drawings. If you expect your materials to get transferred from Archicad to SketchUp you must use some other export format than DWG/DXF as it doesn’t support materials, especially in versions as old as yours. 3DS, if available, might work better in this respect, even if it has other problems.

Thank you! Unfortunately the Solarcad program is old. I am trying to import 3D files. Again I appreciate your advice.