Import 3D Cad model into sketchup with texture

I am trying to import a 3d CAD dwg model into sketchup. It is not coming in with its textures tho :frowning: . It is a model of a chair. My client has all of the necessary office components modeled in CAD 3d. I am trying to do an interior model of a proposed office layout for a building. I do not want to have to texture or UV all of the models available. They have the models textured in CAD. I do not want to have to texture as well. For some reason when they export as a fbx it does not work. It gives off an error message. Can anyone help me with this or have any experience of how to get it in sketchup with the textures applied?

The simple reason is that there are no textures in โ€œplain vanillaโ€ AutoCad. The rendering module in AutoCad is a plug-in that uses its own method to apply materials to the model, and it stores its data in the Xdata of the file in a form that is not available for any other software (or, software not produced by Autodesk).

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Thank you very much for the response. That is good to know. Since I am using sketchup with my modeling and staging, then the textures will not export out of cad.

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